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Why your family will be glad you chose a lifestyle community

Making the decision to move to a lifestyle community is always a big one, but sometimes the hardest decision is selling the idea to your family.

They struggle with the idea of selling the family home – the place . where childhood memories were created and family events were celebrated –  and they can struggle with the thought of you getting older, let along think about moving to a retirement village.

The thing is, young adults don’t often realise there is a difference between a lifestyle community and a retirement village. That it’s a lifestyle choice with a multitude of benefits that makes sense to be taken up sooner rather than later.

When they see the top 5 reasons to move into a lifestyle community, they’ll no doubt understand why it’s a good idea for everyone concerned. So much so, that we’re sure they’ll be helping you pack those boxes, quick smart.


1. Low Maintenance Living

Living in a large family home means having to keep up with a ton of maintenance, both inside and out. And as you get older, the physical work only gets harder and more expensive for you to maintain. Sure, you can pay a gardener and cleaner to help out, but that’s just another thing to worry about and another expense to factor into your retirement budget. When you downsize to a lifestyle community home, low-maintenance living is the order of the day. Beautiful open plan living makes your home easy to clean and lovely landscaped gardens – which are completely maintained for you – are there for you to enjoy without a care. It’s the best of living without the hassle.


2. Company & Connection

The wonderful part of living in a lifestyle community, is you’re never alone. It’s easy to make new friends, you’re amongst like-minded people with shared interests, and there’s so many opportunities to socialise and connect with others. A variety of social events, sporting activities, clubhouse or leisure centres and offsite activities — all give you the chance to try new things, stay active and have fun any day of the week.


3. Security & Safety

Living in a close-knit community offers peace of mind not only to you, but also your family. Gated communities really ramp up the level of security for your home and belongings and make escaping for that weekender or extended trip around Australia or overseas, completely stress free. You know your property will be monitored for you and your family doesn’t have to worry about keeping an eye on things.

Community living, also means having great relationships with  your neighbours. Whenever you need to ask for a helping hand or perhaps need a friend to pop over to check on you when you’re sick, you know you have someone there who cares. There’s also the friendly onsite community staff who are always there to assist whenever the need arises.


4. Active Lifestyle

Many retirees have been reported to say they actually feel healthier after moving into a lifestyle community. Not only do the wonderful facilities like swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts and community halls, make a positive impact on your wellbeing, but the convenience of having community services onsite really does place the emphasis on supporting an active healthy lifestyle in your 50s, 60s and beyond.


5. Financial Freedom

The financial side of moving into a lifestyle community makes so much sense. Downsizing from your family home into a smaller property is a great way to reduce debt and free up your cash flow. There are no rates and taxes you have to pay, and the entry and exit fees that apply to retirement villages do not apply in lifestyle community. All you have to think about is managing the weekly site fees and your utility bills. What’s more if you’re on a pension, these fees can be subsidised.

One of the best things about deciding to move to a lifestyle community is creating some financial freedom in your retirement. This freedom then allows you to do more of what you love – travelling regularly, taking up new hobbies, having fun with friends – isn’t that what retirement is really all about?

To experience it for yourself or with your family, join us at one of our many Open Days. Click here to see the calendar of events at your preferred lifestyle community)