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Creating vibrant communities of like minded people who value their independent lifestyles and respect their fellow residents.

What does a Gateway Lifestyle community offer?

Security, peace of mind, community facilities and the company of other like minded retirees. Our communities offer you the freedom to live your life in a private environment and free up your time and money to do the things you have always dreamed of.

Are there exit or deferred management fees?
No, there are no exit or deferred management fees. Any capital gains achieved is yours to keep. You can sell the home yourself, list it with an Agent, or we will sell it on your behalf. 
Can I select the home of my choice, on the site of my choice?

Yes, however it may vary on the location and/or size of the site. Please ask one of our sales consultants in person for more specific information.

Are there any body corporate fees?

No, there are no body corporate fees. We have onsite managers who look after operations of the communities and the maintenance of the community facilities.

Do government subsidies apply?

Yes, they certainly do. Rental assistance is paid on your site fees if you are eligible for a pension or payments through Centrelink or Veteran’s Affairs. 


Will the site fees increase?

Yes, the site fees are typically increased annually. You should carefully read the terms and conditions of the site agreement between you and the operator which will specify the amount or method of site fee increase.

Are there any other fees?

In addition to site fees you are required to pay for your own electricity, water, phone & general household running. You will be responsible for the insurance on your own home.

Do I have to maintain the gardens and lawn?

The community management maintains all the communal areas however you are responsible for maintaining your own garden.

Are there any legal costs or stamp duty payable when I purchase?

No, there are no Government charges such as stamp duty, you are not even required to engage a Solicitor unless you desire to do so.

How secure is my tenure?

The tenure is secured by a site agreement which is similar to a lease. Each state is governed by different legislation, so site agreements may vary from state to state.

Can my family or friends stay with me?

Yes, your guests can stay and enjoy the community facilities and activities. As a security measure you will need to advise management for any extended stay by visitors. Children are also welcome, but they do need to be supervised whilst in the community.

Are singles welcome?

Yes, most defnitely, our single residents bloom when they are welcomed into the community, quickly making new friends and taking up new interests.

Can I bring my own pet?

Most of our communities are pet friendly, however a pet agreement needs to be signed prior to moving into the community.

Are the homes covered by builder’s warranties?

Yes, there is a six year structural warranty on all new homes including a three month maintenance period. If you purchase a pre-loved home in an existing community the remaining warranties are transferred to you.

Can I bequeath my home?

Yes, the home becomes a part of your estate. Your beneficiaries can reside in the community if they meet the criteria, or they simply sell the home.

Are the homes treated for pests or termites?

Yes, the homes are constructed with termite resistant products and are treated in accordance with the local Council building regulations and Australian Standards. Each home will need to be treated annually at the owner’s expense.