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Resident Story – Shirley & Sheridan

The uplifting story of finding love later in life – Shirley & Sheridan met at the Gateway Lifestyle Greenbank community as members of the friendly group of residents who enjoy socialising and taking part in various activities and events. The pair shared their wonderful story, proving that retirement is no longer the time to lay low – but a magnificent opportunity to enjoy new and exciting things in life.

Sheridan had been living by himself for 6 years, unsure of what the next step in life would be. He decided to move to the Gateway Lifestyle Greenbank community, saying how “moving in here was a great thing, one of the reasons I started enjoying life again.” After all those years, it is hard to know what to do with yourself. Shirley agrees, after 34 years by herself, it was an elevating experience to move into the neighbourly community with friendly, like-minded people and plenty of social life.

The pair shares the light-hearted story about meeting each other during a happy hour. The simple conversation about breakfast preferences led to an invitation to cook and enjoy breakfast together the next morning. But, even as a senior – apprehension and shyness can overtake. Shirley got cold feet and kept walking straight past Sheridan’s house the next morning.

Eventually, Sheridan’s romantic gestures won her over – chocolates, wine and other “bits and pieces” steered Shirley into a happy new phase in life. After some time, they got to share that breakfast together, Sheridan now confidently explaining how Shirley prefers her morning meal as – “a fried egg, flipped once, and tomatoes just cooked, not burnt.”

For both, the transition to the Gateway Lifestyle Greenbank community has been fun and easy – it only took a few visits before they each decided to move in – as it simply is “a great place to live”.

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