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The Perfect Active Lifestyle Communities for Over 50s

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As baby boomers mature and begin planning life after retirement, their desire to maintain an active and colourful lifestyle has influenced a new breed of lifestyle communities for over 50s.

These vibrant communities, designed to meet their discerning needs of baby boomers, bring together like-minded people and resort-style activities, all in one exclusive location.

Retirement today has a whole new perception. Over 50s now see their retirement as a time for freedom, fun and friendship – and they want that reflected in where, and how they live.

This fresh attitude to retirement has created a new wave of housing in Australia and an exciting new style of communities that offer the ‘perfect’ lifestyle for over 50s.

The Perfect Active Lifestyle

What does the ‘perfect’ lifestyle community include?

As well as highly desirable locations, you’ll find many lifestyle communities come with a line-up of features that could easily compete with high-end resorts.

Fantastic offerings that include:

5 Star Facilities
Resort style facilities to indulge every whim are definitely part of village life. Residents enjoy a suite of sporting facilities including swimming pools, fully, tennis courts and bowling greens, to name a few.

Community Clubhouse
Nothing says ‘country club style’ more than your own Clubhouse. You’ll find a central community clubhouse or recreation centre at the heart and soul of every perfect lifestyle community. It’s the hot spot for residents who want to catch up for a cocktail, socialise with fellow home owners, or entertain guests over an afternoon high tea.

Social Activities
Many over 50s lifestyle communities take village facilities to a whole new level. As well as your standard fitness and socialising spots, a true lifestyle village will include additional spaces especially designed for you to enjoy your favourite hobby or learn a new one. From private cinemas to technology lessons, woodwork to meditation classes, you’ll find a diverse range of activities for all interests.

Contemporary Housing
When it comes to housing standards in a lifestyle community, expect nothing short of the best. Architecturally designed homes and stylish contemporary bungalows or villas, come complete with modern appointments in tranquil tree-lined streets. Add pretty pavements and lush landscaping, nature walks and biking trails, and you have all the ingredients that make life over 50 look pretty amazing.


But there’s also many other benefits that go way beyond resort facilities and socialising with friends . . .

A Focus on Wellness
It’s now becoming apparent that the physical and mental health benefits of living in an over 50s lifestyle community is highly beneficial. With a strong focus on wellness education and active living, many residents in lifestyle communities have reported positive effects such as weight loss, decreased medication and the elimination of any feelings of isolation.

Freedom To Come & Go
Most of all, the perfect active lifestyle community for over 50s gives its residents complete freedom to come and go as they please. They’re free to travel at length, or on a whim. And have the peace of mind that at all times their home and belongings are totally secure awaiting upon their return.

Lifestyle Communities in the Future
As developers look to the future, they’ll continue to look for new and innovative ways to improve over 50s lifestyle communities for Australian retirees.

No longer is retirement that time in life when you just ‘wait things out’ – but an exciting opportunity to live life on your terms and choose your dream lifestyle environment.