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Move into a Lifestyle Community and watch your finances thrive

From the time you decide to move into a lifestyle community, to the moment when you put your feet up on your alfresco deck, the whole process is streamlined and makes perfect financial sense.

When you invest in a lifestyle community, you know what to expect and when it will happen. There are no hidden extras or nasty surprises and you’re kept informed every step of the way. Which is a huge relief.

But that’s not the only reason it makes sense to move into a lifestyle community. Over 50s lifestyle communities are very different from purchasing a standard home or retirement village unit, for that matter.

Instead of having a long list of fees and costs to consider that leave you anxious and confused, everything is factored into your purchase fee. So peace of mind is not just wishful thinking, but an actual way of life.


Ease financial stress

Often it’s only after people start living in a lifestyle community for awhile that they realise the full benefits and newfound freedom from financial stress.

There’s no more worrying about paying one major bill after another, no more watching your rates and taxes grow at an alarming rate every year, and no more denying yourself those things you want to do.


Great affordability

One of the main reasons lifestyle community houses are so affordable is that you own your home, but not the land.

When you sign the site agreement (see Step 4 of the process below), you have the exclusive right to live in your new home on that land.  You also have access to a host of wonderful lifestyle community facilities and services.


No long list of fees

A lifestyle community frees you up from paying all the traditional fees associated with a home, unit or retirement village unit.

You get to say goodbye to:

  • Stamp Duty fees
  • Council rates and taxes
  • Entry and exit fees
  • Body corporate fees
  • Sinking fund levies

Imagine how great it feels to never deal with ever-increasing rates and taxes again? Plus you can eliminate the worry of putting enough aside to cover those bills when they hit your letterbox.


Your responsibilities as a home owner

Of course, there are some finances you are responsible for as a home owner in a lifestyle community.

You can still expect to pay for:

  • Home and contents insurance
  • Utilities – such as electricity, gas and water
  • Home phone and internet connection
  • Weekly site maintenance*

*   If you are a pensioner, the government may subsidise the weekly site maintenance fee.

The site maintenance fee includes the maintenance of all the lifestyle community facilities onsite. So instead of paying extra for all those things you enjoy, you can do a couple of laps of the pool, workout in the gym, or go for a leisurely stroll in the beautiful landscaped gardens, without paying an extra cent.


Here’s the process a new home owner goes through when becoming part of the Gateway Lifestyle community:

Step 1: First visit

Naturally you want to see what a lifestyle community is like. To get a feel for the houses, the street layout and the facilities.  You meet the management team, and have the chance to chat to other lifestyle community members.

Step 2: Choose your home and site

Once someone has decided to make the move to a lifestyle community – need what happens next?

You select the site where you want your home to be, and pay $2000 for the site reservation fee.

Now comes the fun part – you select the design of the home you love, choose the internal and external finishes, the colours and the fittings.  It’s your home and you have the freedom to choose a style that makes you feel great.

Step 3: Your home delivery

Your home is delivered to the site and then connected to all utilities. You pay 30% of the total price at this point.

Step 4: Move in

You sign your residential site agreement, and pay the balance owing. Now you can move in to your beautiful new home and enjoy your new lifestyle – because easy living is what a lifestyle community is all about.

For more information about the Gateway Lifestyle way of life click here.